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Monday, 10 November 2008

Return of a Classic

Sorry theres been no monster vlog yet, ive been too busy with college work. but dont worry its on te way, as is a 3rd highlight video for MCW.

what ive uploaded today is a new cut of my film departure. ive replaced all the music with royalty free stuff so it can be submitted to festivals and given the whole film a general overhaul and re edited it from scratch. hope you enjoy

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Monster Vloggin'

This week i uploaded video #0 of an upcoming series of vlogs featuring Sir Charles P Monsterton-Smith the Fourth. have a look at this intro video and keep an eye on it as it progresses. the first true vlog will be about fairly soob. submit a question and maybe itllbe answered in future vlogs :p

Monday, 13 October 2008


Code: Omega is currently uploading and by the time anyone reads this itll be available to view on youtube :) this is the full uncensored version. sometime later in a few days or so i will upload the censored version im sending to the bbc too. so enjoy... bout all i have to say.

*UPDATE* here it is :) enjoy

btw FOW just finished their first proper serious style drama film called Not My Time. check it out.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

CODE: Omega - new film coming soon

As of last monady work began on shooting my new film CODE: Omega. It is a sequel to march's Left in Silence and will be entered for the BBC'S Blast competition.

Because of the criteria of the competion, specifically being suitable for all ages, there will be two cuts of the film, an actual version and a censored (BBC) version. The censored version will have a shorter fight with less of the more graphic violence and the gun hsots will be replaced with lasers in the style of the 90's spiderman cartoon.

The film is acting as more of a pilot and if well recieved will go on to be a short series to wrap up the full storyline, though if not (and for the guys at the BBC)it will be able to stand alone, even without seeing Left in Silence.

Editing is already underway and final shoots will be commenceing soon, so expect to see the censored cut about in the next few weeks.

for now enjoy the trailer :)


Friday, 26 September 2008

Dark Angel Pictures in the News!!

Local peterborough paper the evening telegraph wrote this article about our success in entereing the co-op film festival in bradford on friday october 10th where zero hour is one of 100 young people's films being screened in a 300 seater cinema and attended by industry professionals

From today's evening telegraph (26-9-08) -


Young film-maker premieres at national film festival

From Zero to a film-making hero

By Ed O'Mara, Chief Reporter

AN ASPIRING young director from Peterborough has earned
a boost for his budding career after his "diabolical" movie
was selected for a national film festival.

Prolific film-maker Michael Watson (17) from Farcet, will see his latest work Zero Hour – a special-effects laden action short about a battle with the devil – premiered at the National Media Museum in Bradford next month.

The Co-operative Young Film-makers Festival helped launch the career of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright, and Michael hopes it could provide a similar springboard into the movie industry for himself.

He said: "It's great news for me because it isn't easy to get your films shown at a national festival. I submitted a film to the same festival two years ago but was rejected so it's a personal ambition fulfilled for me.

"Any chance to get your work shown and to get involved with industry professionals will really help my portfolio and, hopefully, help get me noticed by other film-makers.

Michael fell in love with movie-making after creating a short film sequence for his GCSE art studies at Stanground College.

To view Michael's film for yourself, visit

Now studying A-levels at New College, Stamford, and hoping to take a course in film production at university, he has become a prolific director – posting 89 videos, including 21 short films on YouTube.

He enlisted friends Liam Dunne and Sara Plumb to star in Zero Hour, a six-minute film shot at Crown Lakes country park near his home.

Inspired by the supernatural thriller Constantine, which stars Keanu Reeves, it tells the story of an action hero battling the forces of evil to avert an apocalypse.

Michael admits the movie is "not his best work" but the special effects – including computer-generated lightning bolts, gunfire and ghostly apparitions – ensured it was the most challenging.

Now his dedication has paid off and the teenager is thrilled his film has been chosen as one of 100 to be shown at the two-day festival starting on Friday, October 10.

"Film-making is something I really enjoy and something I'd love to make a career out of," said Michael, who lists Ridley Scott and Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson among his key influences.

"It's not like a normal, boring desk job – there's a certain escapism to it. For me it means I can have fun doing what I love doing but have an excuse for it."